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@SolarpunkPrompts #solarpunk #writing #podcast asking for feedback!Anything you liked, didnt, would like to see more or less?Is the 10-13 minute format okay?Would you prefer more or less links per episode?More general prompts? Region focused? Culture focused?Any specific problems you have in your Solarpunk writing that a #writingprompt could address?More conflict ideas? Conflictless, but still tense plots?Let us know!


@alxd @SolarpunkPrompts What I'm most confuzzled about is the question of how the whole world will come together. How do single parts of a good future interleave? (e.g. transport & food -> ebikes that transport vegan food? Just making stuff up)I'm most stumped by the big picture. Does that make sense? So far, the episodes I heard were about one specific subject or area.(2/2)